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Where can I access more information and resources for studying online?

Last modified 9 months ago

You can find out what services and support Deakin offers to students studying online on the Learning online webpage. There are also the following useful resources for online... is an online

Student Support and Wellbeing / Study Support and Peer Mentoring

STAFF: WI - Xetta Finance user guide

Last modified 1 week ago

Student Central uses the Xetta cashiering system across each campus. Xetta processes transactions, records receipts and performs reconciliations. Accepted forms of payment: Cheque (in person on campus) Debit (in person on campus) Visa/Mastercard AB (Already Banked) The attached user guide outlines the steps: Create a receipt Amend a rece...

Staff Systems Support / Xetta

OneStop Secure User Guide for Student Central v1.2.pdf [view]

for Student Central v1,2 page 1 of 59 CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B v 0.02 Financial Services Division v 0.02 Financial Services Division Melbourne Burwood Campus, 301 Burwood Highway, Burwood, VIC 3125 Transaction code report 43 Preface page 3 of 59 CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B v 0.02 Financial Services

Do I have to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)?

Last modified 8 months ago

If you are a domestic undergraduate or postgraduate student, either on campus or studying online , you will incur the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). This fee helps pay for important services for students. To find out what the fee goes towards and to have your say about

Fees, Scholarships and Fin. Assistance / Fees

What medical services does Deakin offer?

Last modified 9 months ago

Deakin's Medical Centres on each campus are staffed by experienced doctors and nurses. Services offered include: management and treatment for general illness pathology collection vaccinations a mask. You can book an appointment online or find information on locations, opening hours

Student Support and Wellbeing / Medical

How do I find out if a course or unit is available to be studied online?

Last modified 17-07-2023 08:50:13

Find courses available to study online Find out what Deakin courses you can study wholly online by searching on the Study online webpage. Find units available to study online You can find out if a unit can be studied online using the 'Search for a Unit' form in the relevant

Enrolment Help and Changes

I'm enrolled in an online unit, do I need to use STAR?

Last modified 27-07-2023 11:31:51

If you are studying an online unit, listed with a delivery mode of ' ONLINE ' in StudentConnect, then you won’t manage its unit activities through STAR. Instead, all your online unit information included in the Online timetable Information on planned activities for some online

STAR and Timetabling

Where are job application online tests and what help can I get with them?

Last modified 2 months ago

You can access over 70 online practice candidate assessments used by employers on the DeakinTALENT Online Testing Practice webpage. All assessments include answers, worked solutions, and provide feedback on your performance in form of a dashboard, to help you improve, and compare

Career Advice

Email Templates: Online Note Taking Communication for Academic Support Workers (ASWs)

Last modified 9 months ago

Please ensure all emails are cc'd to ONLINE NOTE TAKING COMMUNICATION in the following online class/seminar: Unit: Day: Time: I will have 'visitor' access to the class/seminar Group Work discussion. I will have 'visitor' access to the online discussion

Develop an Access Plan / DRC Services / Academic Support Workers

What are the Deakin Bus Services?

Last modified 8 months ago

The Deakin bus services are free, convenient and sustainable ways to travel to and from the Geelong campuses. There are a few different options available to Deakin students and staff. Deakin runs an services only run on weekdays when the University is open. For more information

Transport and Travel

How can I contact Residential Services Reception?

Last modified 6 months ago

You can lodge and enquiry and find the contact details for Residential Services Reception on the Accommodation webpage.

Student Support and Wellbeing / Accomodation

Is there a Deakin service interuption?

Last modified 13-07-2023 16:27:39

To view any known service interruptions, visit the outages webpage. If the issue you are experiencing is not listed there, please contact the IT Service Desk.

IT Support

I need help with my study timetable

Last modified 2 months ago

(STAR) system. Online unit activities Information on planned activities for some online units is available in our online unit timetable and all your online unit information... a mixture of online

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

How can I extend my visa or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)?

Last modified 03-08-2023 09:29:12

are online

Visa and Compliance

Can I re-enrol in a failed unit?

Last modified 3 months ago

, Deakin offers workshops, drop-in sessions and appointments with Learning Advisers. Online sessions are available in areas such as exam preparation, referencing, reading and academic writing. Online services  to help students stay health and safe. This includes Medical Centres

Academic Progress and Integrity

What is the SSAF?

Last modified 8 months ago

The SSAF is the Student Services and Amenities Fee and is incurred by domestic students a full or part-time student and studying on campus or online . The annual maximum fee is set for important services like counselling, welfare services , sporting and recreational activities

Fees, Scholarships and Fin. Assistance / Fees

STAFF: WI - How to produce an International Student Travel Pass code for international students

Last modified 17-07-2023 09:02:38

the code is issued and when applying online . Strictly no instalments or payment plans are available, they need to redeem it within 5 days via the PTV website. The codes can be obtained by filling the online , submits the online application form 2. Student Adviser receives

Transport and Travel / Concession or ISTPass

What should I do if I fail a unit?

Last modified 3 months ago

If you fail a unit, there are several options for assistance. If you are facing hardship then Deakin offers support services including counselling, financial assistance, Medical Centres... online enquiry

Academic Progress and Integrity

Where can I get counselling?

Last modified 05-07-2023 14:29:16

online help is available through the Ask Counselling blog, which contains questions asked by Deakin counselling services available, including: Lifeline Beyond Blue eheadspace 1800RESPECT. After-hours support is available from a range of services you can find on the 24-hour support

Student Support and Wellbeing / Complex Needs and Counselling

What is LinkedIn and where can I get help making a profile?

Last modified 2 months ago

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional networking platform. It enables you to set up a digital profile for building and maintaining professional relationships with a broad network that you can leverage to pursue your professional goals. Find out how you can make a standout

Career Advice

How do I find out my class timetable?

Last modified 9 months ago

How you view your timetable depends on whether your unit is online or on-campus. If you're enrolled in a mixture of online and on-campus units, you will need to use the method relevant to each unit and locations, through the STAR Timetabling system. Online units Information

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

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