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Online Panel Discussion – Management of Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate - Conservative Therapies vs. Surgical Options

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Recorded on:26th September 2023


Tim Barnett BSc(Hons), BVM&S, MSc, CertAVP, DECVS, DEVDC-Eq, MRCVS- Rossdales Equine Hospital, UK
Norm Ducharme DMV, MSc, DACVS- Cornell University College Of Veterinary Medicine, USA
Fabrice RossignolDVM, DECVS- Equine Clinic De Grosbois And Equine Clinic Of Chantilly, France


Eric J Parente DVM, DACVS- University Of Pennsylvania, USA


Displacement of the soft palate during exercise is a single consequence arising from multiple possible paths. An international panel of world-renowned equine surgeons with extensive experience with equine upper respiratory tract disorders will discuss both the data and their personal experiences in managing this very “dynamic” condition.

Amongst the many points that will be debated, are the questions if surgery is the gold standard treatment or if different management options should be considered depending on the etiology?

Join this exciting Panel Discussion and interact with the world’s leading experts in the field of upper respiratory tract surgery.

Alison Bennell BVMS, CertAVP(EM), MRCVS

Alison graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2007 and initially completed a 12 month equine internship in the South of England. She then worked for almost 9 years in a referral practice in Devon where she carried out first opinion equine work as well as leading the anaesthesia and medicine caseloads. She holds the RCVS Advanced Practitioner certificate in Equine Medicine. Alison was appointed as a lecturer in Equine Anaesthesia in 2017 and is currently studying towards the European Diploma in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

Allex Carry BSc, DVM, Dipl.ACVIM (SAIM) Rainbow Equine Hospital, North Yorkshire, England

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Allison Stewart BVSc (hons 1), MS, Dipl.ACVIM, Dipl.ACVECC

After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1997, Allison spent 2 years in mixed practice in Gawler, SA, before traveling to the USA to undertake a residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine at the Ohio State University. She completed her Masters of Science and was awarded Diplomate status of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) in 2002. She then became a faculty member at Auburn University in Alabama and competed a fellowship in Emergency and Critical Care and obtained Diplomate status in 2007. Allison worked as a specialist and taught veterinary students at Auburn University for 12 years, and has over 300 publications/book chapters/scientific presentations/conference lectures. She was awarded 30 research grants and has presented research throughout the world in the areas of equine endocrinology, fungal disease, neurology, infectious disease and pharmacology.

Allison resigned her position as a Professor of Equine Internal Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care at Auburn University in 2014 to return to family and friends in Australia, importing her two cats. Whilst working on her PhD based at the Swedish Agricultural University, she also worked at Gisborne veterinary clinic and was appointed as a board member on the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria. Allison was a keynote speaker at the PanPac conference in Brisbane and continues to mentor graduate students; provide advice to drug companies and write lay equine educational articles.

Allison joined the faculty at the University of Queensland in 2017. She has a clinical interest in large animal emergency and critical care, neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, ophthalmology, infectious disease (especially fungal), ultrasonography and endoscopy.

Andrew Parks MA, VetMB, Dipl.ACVS, MRCVS

Dr. Parks received his Vet MB from the University of Cambridge in 1981. Dr. Parks is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and received his certificate in Veterinary Radiology from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1982. He currently serves as Professor of large animal surgery at the University of Georgia. Dr. Parks has made over 160 professional presentations and has peer reviewed and authored articles and book chapters. His clinical interests are large animal surgery lameness and diseases of the foot.

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Region Specific-courses - VetPD (2024)
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