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If you were to walk into a woodshop, you will be able to find an unlimited collection of different woods. And they all have their different purposes, even the thinnest and least sturdy ones. Therefore, you need to know a little about the woods to decide which you will need.

What is BCX plywood?

BCX plywood is essentially made by combining B graded ply with C graded ply. They are attached snugly together by gluing them with strong, waterproof glue. Since two different plies are used, the surfaces differ from one another. The front part is smooth while the back is rugged and scratchy.

What Is Bcx Plywood? (Everything You Need to Know) - OneHappyLemon (1)

BCX plywood comes in a variety of thicknesses and it can be made using either soft or hardwood.

Thankfully they are stamped with the right grades, which can be found on the surface, which makes it easier to recognize whether they are best for use in construction indoors or outdoors.

Most builders suggest that BCX plywood works best for subflooring in houses that are being newly constructed because the quality combined with strength makes it perfect for withstanding the weight of people who will eventually start living or working in those places.

They have also been known to last a long time if they are used for the right purpose. Be it at home for subflooring or even outdoors for building purposes.

What is BCX plywood made of? Is BCX plywood treated?

BCX plywood can be made using a range of hardwood and softwood species which includes oak, birch, walnut, cherry, and many more options. The thickness comes in different sizes. The most commonly used sizes in thickness are ¾”, ⅝”, or ½”.

They are manufactured by gluing together a B-graded ply with a C graded ply with waterproof glue, this also causes one side to be well sanded while the back usually has a rougher, unfinished feel and look.

BCX plywood is treated. We can know this by the “X” added to its name, this is added in the names of plywood to let the buyer know that the plywood has been somewhat treated. This can differ due to which plywood company is manufacturing them.

Some companies will only treat them minimally which will protect them if it gets wet, whereas some companies pressure-treat their plywood which makes them resistant to corrosion, termites, and also fungal decay which is mainly caused by excess moisture and water.

Can BCX plywood be used anywhere?

BCX plywood can be used in a number of different ways and in a number of different places. It can be used indoors and also outdoors as it comes with an “X” stamped on the plywood which means it is exterior grade and can be used in the construction of outdoor structures.


BCX plywood can be safely used outdoors without any problems. This is made possible especially because BCX plywood is waterproof and as we know any furniture or structure made for the outdoors should be able to combat high levels of heat and rain to last for years to come.

This makes BCX such a sustainable option for the outdoors. It can be used on the outer part of buildings, furniture, and a lot more.

But best of all is, BCX plywood is preferred over the other available options of plywoods because it manages to beautify the structures it is used to make while also being able to stay protected from natural elements.


BCX plywood isn’t only used in structures outdoors but can also be used indoors without any trouble. This is mainly used to create furniture, cabinets, and also cupboards.

It is the most suitable option for homeowners who are looking to use something sturdy that will last them at least a decade. But something that should be noted is, BCX plywood comes with a rough side.

Therefore, this needs to be smoothened down when making furniture and cabinets or should face the side of the furniture or cabinets that aren’t visible.


BCX plywood is commonly used by builders to subfloor new buildings and for good reason too. It is sturdy plywood that has the strength to be able to withhold a large amount of weight and can last a very long time.

Is BCX plywood waterproof?

BCX plywood is considered to be waterproof as they are manufactured by using two different graded plywood, a B graded plywood glued to a C graded plywood with a strong adhesive that is waterproof and can resist moisture.

And because this same waterproof adhesive is used in the construction of BCX, it is able to withstand water without the fear of getting damaged or destroyed with the help of it.

Is BCX plywood exterior grade?

BCX plywood is exterior grade plywood. And this has been made easy to identify by adding the ‘X’ at the end of its name. This stamp is only used on plywoods with high strength and durability and is typically used for outdoor projects.

Therefore, BCX plywood can easily be used to make structures outdoors such as gazebos or canopies and even use to build houses or sheds.

Some of its durability can be credited to the waterproof adhesive used in its construction. This combined with the plywood’s natural sturdiness makes it such a suitable and long-lasting option for exterior use.

What is the difference between BCX & Other plywoods?

There is a wide selection of plywoods available in the market these days, besides BCX. Most of them share a few key similarities to BCX plywood but a lot of differences can be detected among them as well.

What one might lack, maybe another plywood has that particular quality in abundance, be it durability or looks. So, in order to find one that matches your needs, it is important to delve a little deeper and take a close look at the qualities that sets them apart and makes them unique.


Proper cut:

BCX plywood is considered to be a version of ACX plywood. But one that didn’t make the cut as a proper ACX plywood is then marketed as BCX plywood.


ACX plywood comes with a smoother, better-looking veneer which gives structures made with it a much more pleasant look as opposed to structures made with BCX plywood.


BCX plywood is normally used in projects such as subfloors, sheds while ACX plywood is mainly used for visible exterior panels inside houses.



A major difference RTD plywood has from BCX is that during the manufacture of RTD plywood the amount of glue.

The temperature of the glue and the pressure with which different sheets of plywood are attached are all controlled fully.

Chance of delamination:

RTD plywood has a lower chance of delamination compared to BCX and also other plywoods.


RTD plywood is sometimes referred to as RTD sheathings and is mainly used for roofs and also applied to other outdoor exteriors of buildings.


Look and feel:

CDX plywood has a rougher look and feel than BCX plywood.


The price of CDX plywood is comparatively lower than BCX plywood as they differ so much in overall quality.


CDX plywood is mainly used for subflooring foundations from houses instead of siding like BCX plywood.



BC plywood comes with a more smoothened look as it is sanded on both sides, unlike BCX plywood.


BCX plywood may not have a well-groomed surface like BC plywood but it is more durable and waterproof which makes it perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

While BC plywood is designed to be used indoors for the most part.


BC plywood is best suited to be used in building cabinets, shelves and also is used for paneling.



AC plywood has a different or more specifically lower exposure durability when compared with BCX plywood when faced with very harsh weather conditions.


AC plywood similar to ACX plywood has a better, more polished look to it than BCX plywood.


AC plywood is popularly used for trim coatings like soffits, fences, and base coating which is different from what we have learned BCX plywood is used for.

Final thoughts:

BCX plywood is a durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof plywood that is mainly used in the construction of buildings, subfloors, and other outdoor wooden structures. Quality and look-wise it falls somewhere between ACX and CDX plywood. But nonetheless, it is a very popular option.

What Is Bcx Plywood? (Everything You Need to Know) - OneHappyLemon (2024)
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