Ukraine-Russia war: Latest updates (2024)

Key points
  • Putin: We want to avoid global confrontation, but nuclear forces ready if needed
  • Home Office expels Russian diplomat who was 'undeclared military intelligence officer'
  • Dominic Waghorn:Russia may have crossed the line - but UK move to expel attache increases risk of dangerous escalation
  • Ed Conway:Russian oil still seeping into UK - the reasons why sanctions are not working

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Watch: 'Combat forces are always ready'

Vladimir Putin used his Victory Day speech this morning to warn that Russia's combat forces were "always ready".

But he admitted the country was going through a "difficult period".

You can watch a segment from his speech here:


Putin: We want to avoid global confrontation, but nuclear forces ready if needed

We aren't bringing you live updates today, but here is the main story this morning.

Vladimir Putin has just finished speaking at Russia's annual Second World War victory parade.

The president, now in his fifth term, said that Russia will do all it could to avoid a global confrontation, amid rising rhetoric about a face-off with NATO.

Mr Putin, however, said it would not allow any nation or alliance to threaten Russia.

As he's said multiple times since he invaded Ukraine, the Russian leader warned the West that his nuclear forces were always at a state of combat readiness.

He was addressing scores of troops in Moscow's Red Square - here are the best images from the Russian capital...


Good evening

Thanks for following our live coverage, we'll be back soon with more live updates.


Europe 'should prepare' for more wars if Russia does not lose, Kosovo warns

Kosovo's foreign minister has said her country is convinced Russia must lose the war in Ukraine for conflict not to spread further in Europe.

Donika Gervalla-Schwarz said her young nation's support for Ukraine was unconditional - despite Kyiv not having recognised Kosovo's independence.

Ms Gervalla-Schwarzd her small Balkan nation, which declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, is repeatedly reminded of the aggressive intentions of both Serbia and its ally Russia.

"Ukraine hasn't recognised the Republic of Kosovo as a state, but we really believe that we know exactly what Ukraine is going through," she told The Associated Press in an interview.

"And we know that there is only one solution, not only for Ukraine, but for Europe," she said.

"It can only be Russia to lose the war and Ukraine to win this war. Otherwise, Europe should prepare for other conflicts in our continent."

The people of Kosovo were the targets of war crimes and other atrocities by Serbia's security forces in the 1990s, an experience that led Kosovo to seek independence.

"While Kosovo is a small state with very modest possibilities to help, we have tried to be very helpful with Ukraine and have not hesitated to show our unconditional support and sympathy to the people and to the state of Ukraine," Ms Gervalla-Schwarz said.


Cameron: UK measures on Russia send 'unequivocal message'

Lord Cameron has called the UK's measures on a Russian defence attache "an unequivocal message" to Moscow.

The foreign secretary was replying to James Cleverly's post on X in which he said the Home Office expelled a Russian defence attache as part of a series of measures against the country.

Other measures in the package include removing the diplomatic premises status from several Russian owned properties in the UK and capping the amount of time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK.


Hungary: We're staying out of 'crazy' NATO Ukraine support plan

Budapest is once again raising eyebrows across the world's biggest military alliance as it pledges to defy a NATO initiative.

The alliance's long-term plan to support Ukraine militarily was agreed in April, but was dubbed a "crazy mission" by Hungary's foreign minister today.

Under the plans, NATO would take over some coordination work from a US-led coalition known as the Ramstein group.

Discussing the plans today, Peter Szijjarto said: "Hungary will stay out of NATO's crazy mission despite all the pressure."

Relations between Budapest and NATO have soured because of Hungary's foot-dragging over the ratification of Sweden's NATO accession - finally passed by Budapest in March - and also over nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban's close ties with Moscow.


Russia vows 'appropriate response' after UK expulsion of defence attache

The Russian embassy in London has said there will be "an appropriate response" after Britain expelled a Russian defence attache.

The embassy said the restrictions that had been imposed were done under a "groundless and ridiculous pretext", according to Russian state news agencyTASS.

It comes after Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was reported as telling journalists that the Kremlin will respond appropriately following the expulsion.


Analysis: Russia may have crossed the line - but UK move to expel attache increases risk of dangerous escalation

Dominic Waghorn, international affairs editor

It's always assumed defence attaches play some kind of role gatherling intelligence and that is generally tolerated by their host countries.

They could be gathering data about weapons production for instance or ship building but there is a line they are expected not to cross.

The assumption here is that the Russians have broken the rules of the game.

But the British government will have thought long and hard before expelling the Russian. It doesn't come without cost.

In their day jobs defence attaches play a crucial role in liaising with their hosts. That can be very important in terms of avoiding misunderstandings that could lead to unnecessary and dangerous escalation.

Losing Russia’s defence attache in London deprives the UK of one more line of liaison at a time when clear understanding and clarification could be essential to avoiding deepening conflict.

That is not ideal at a time of war.

What is not clear is how much these moves are connected specifically to the conduct of the Russians involved or should they actually be seen more as another chapter in the diplomatic war underway between Russia and the UK.

The UK has undoubtedly weakened Russia's ability to spy in the UK and gather intelligence but these measures will also affect Britain's ability to predict and avoid potential escalation.

That will be made even worse if Russia, as may be expected, responds with like-for-like retaliation


Children among seven injured by Russian shelling Kharkiv, governor says

Seven people have been injured by Russian shelling in eastern Kharkiv, according to the region's governor.

Oleg Synegubov said among those wounded was an eight-year-old girl andthree boys, two aged 14 and the other 15.

"Two [of the] boys are inserious condition, [the other] boy and [the] girl are in average condition," he said.

One 55-year-old civilian of unspecified gender was also hospitalised.

Two women had minor injuries.


'We will not tolerate Putin's efforts to undermine our nation,' Shapps says

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has offered his thoughts on the expulsion of a Russian defence attache the government has accused of being an undeclared military intelligence officer.

"Today we've expelled Russia's defence attache who has been working as an intelligence officer for Putin in the UK," he said on X.

"We will not tolerate Putin’s efforts to undermine our nation and democracy and will continue to stand up for freedom here and in Ukraine."

Ukraine-Russia war: Latest updates (2024)
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