The War Within Alpha Datamining - Build 54774 (2024)

OMG I hate that "discovery" in Blizzard games is all about math problems. 40 Loadouts you say? One for every dungeon, event, raid boss, pvp bracket, world zone. Why? Would rather have 0 loadouts and 0 choices and standarized classes with deep identity XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

You're NOT customizing your character to fit YOUR fantasy. You're finding the optimal solutions to save in your loadouts based on content, ONLY. It's annoying, it's a forced interaction with complexity and a choice to be dull and boring and pick the correct choice.


EVEN if they weigh 2 choices toward equilibrium it's still annoying. How does this talent do more, or does this talent do more? and it's a 0.1% differential at most right? that's just annoying, that it's what the entire interaction with the talent system leads to, meaningless choices. And I'm saying this because the actually meaningful choices are set in stone, so what's left is exactly how it was before, it's just an illusory 0.1% buff/nerf that doesnt mean ANYTHING. You'll still have to hardlock talents that do aoe vs talents that focus on single target. It's not complicated it just tries to be because it's "Interesting?" I think not. It's stupid. Would rather have no choice since all the choices are stupid.

Obviously WoW nowadays and in the near future is MULTIPLES more about addon, loadout, gear setups all about micromanaging and locking in your specialities with EVERY TYPE OF CONTENT. It's the entire experience, it's stupid. I'm not playing WoW to play that stupid minigame which has really become the maingame of micromanaging my "setup" wherever I go.

It's not what I care about, there's a difference between someone standing in lava and someone not pressing their buttons because their afk, that's what I care about. If I wanted to play strategy games I would go play minesweeper not WoW.


And the worst part. When you understand. They mix it all up, and thanks to these modern new depths of complexity it's easier for them to push powerbalance that way or that way, and that's what they consider content, that we're supposed to sit there and discord community or calculate, oh this path is better this season, and it just stays that way anyways, so the entire venture to "META" is just annoying, it's fruitless, the real test is NOT having imagination and picking FOTM < Which is my exact reasoning why there should be 0 loadouts 0 choices because it all through bull which is stupid, and I'll never think it's an intelligent way to design games, it's just bait to look interesting but it's just stupid, and I can't ever appreciate that's what the game is about, when I think it should be about ACTIVITY, not Minesweeper strategies in your loadouts/addons. It's stupid.

But HEY!

If you wanna be good at the game, spend 8 hours per day optimizing your WA for every type of content. Learn only FOTM values, it doesn't matter if you don't know the rest of the game. Obviously you'll need more than WA you'll need every piece of information relief possible, that's how you get even better at the game, designing the UI to make u better.

Then you give up on the MASS complexity of choice and forget about it and just lock in the BIS picks for each type of content and when patch day comes you'll simply reitterate your 40 loadouts.

My point is it's stupid it's a way for skill to be about something other than controlling your character, it's about setup. And this game always had value in setups, but it's only the last few years the entire game became WAY more about setting up..

I was watching Hydra play Classic, and then he decides to come back to Retail, and all he's gotta do is just setup his UI, spend a few weeks on doing that so he can be good at the game, it's just so so so so not in my interest.

It's the same exact feature in D4 where everything is about finding the optimal path the the massively overtuned modifier multiplications that lead to the best BUILD(singular) it's the loss of BASIC values that somehow more easily balance out the game, like in D2 where everything is kinda equal, if not equal it's not 5 BILLION times stornger, never that much, maybe 2-3-4X times stronger, but that's what you get when you make a game like D3 where everything is about stacking that multiplier having literally 0 other direction than having that optimal setup taking away from actual gameplay and making the game all about leaving THAT ARTIFICIAL CHOICE BAIT behind, so why is there even artificial choice bait? For people that can't understand that it's less choice, they think it's exciting with the dopamine rushes of speccing into something wierd that isn't good, and isn't even close to good, isn't even close to the viability range between the worst and best D2 build(simple values) it's just a choice between doing 1 million damage and 100 billion damage. It's not a choice, it's stupid, Blizzard does stupid deceptive math and is stupid.

And above all they're promoting all this DEPTH OF CHOICE, PLAY IT YOUR WAY, but in reality you'll play it their way and it will just be a lie that you have choice. And you're stupid if you think your garbage build is good. It's not meaningful choice, it's FAKE choice. It's just bait for casuals to find it interesting, but it actually just harms everyone and the integrity of the game, for what? sales.

It's just so incredibly DULL that the majority of the journey/progression through the game is ADDONS and LOADOUTS. I think it's perfectly that knowledge is important. Knowing other classes, knowing your class, having EXPERIENCE within the game. But when the game is about ADDONS and LOADOUTS it's mostly about that. I can't even BREATHE it's so STUPID.
I know what will happen. In a few years to a decades time, Blizzard and other major gaming studios will WAKE UP and realize that simplicity is key, not COMPLEXITY.

Here's a lesson.


Do you know about TETRIS?
The complexities arrive in time, on their OWN, not by forced stupid game design trying to act cool(like you).
In decades of time players were stuck on a level that isn't even close to the level players are on now, players within the simplicity of reality discovered new things(themselves, not you).

They discovered how to play the game that was ALWAYS the same, differently, they progressed naturally through time.

Do you know about CHESS?

Do you think the creator of chess was like, "Oh I understand this game!" nah, Chess lives on the simple plane of existence. Players discovered the complexities(on their own). They didn't need a Blizzard Entertainment to create complexity for them(it's stupid). It's about creating simplicity for players to grow WITHIN. You're stupid Blizzard.

But Noooo, lets confuse people, let's try to make it confusing all the time, and fake. OmG.
You're not interested in creating simplicity and stability for players to thrive in, you're interested in confusing players and fooling players to think it's not all fake.
Does the game play worse without all those loadout and talent choices and addons? Or do you rely on this deceptive "in your opinion, content" to interest players?
Isn't that stupid? It's not a legacy you'll be proud of in 50 years, you know that right? It's a quick fix and an exploit. But I can't blame you, I just want to like you again.

The War Within Alpha Datamining - Build 54774 (2024)
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