Angela Kinsey Dishes on Her Tricks to Getting Sleep as a Cat Parent & a Long-Awaited Reunion With Steve Carell (2024)

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Chances are, when you think about the character Angela Martin from The Office, you think of a cold woman who very rarely smiled, unless it was with her cats. And while Angela Kinsey, the actress behind the iconic accountant, adores her cats just as much, maybe even more than her character, she couldn’t be more different than her on-screen persona.

When you talk to Kinsey, there’s an instant warmth behind her words. She talks with so much verve and joy, and even when we were getting acquainted, she gushed about how blissed out she was at that moment. “I’m in my cozy, flee-lined leggings that I bought myself for Christmas,” she told me. “I am cozy at home, and I’m just as happy as I can be!”

While her character has too many cats to keep track of, Kinsey is the proud mom of two adorable and “quirky” cats named Snickers and Oreo. According to Kinsey, while “they’re sisters, they couldn’t be more different!” With Oreo, the Office BFFs co-author said, “you never know where she’s gonna be.” And with Snickers, Kinsey couldn’t stop laughing when recounting her cat’s infamous “flop” movement.

“She just will be sitting there, kind of grooming herself. [When] she turns her head over her shoulder to groom her back and then she flops over on her back and she kicks her feet up in the air. It’s one of my favorite things ever. Like you cannot be in a bad mood and see the flop!”

A typical night in their house is as hectic as you’d expect, consisting of Snickers being an absolute cuddle bug, and Oreo being the “very mischievous cat” of the household. “Oreo is always up to something. At 4:00 AM, she gets the zoomies. So there’s never a dull moment with her,” she said. Along with being a mama to two cats and her kids, she also has two rescue chihuahua mixes, and apparently, “Oreo like stalks them, and it’s like you’re watching National Geographic!”

This month, the proud cat mama is partnering with Blue Buffalo to talk everything about sleep health and how to have a great night’s sleep — even as a cat parent to quirky cats!

“It’s such an organic fit. Blue Buffalo is the cat food of our choice with my husband and I. My husband is so good at doing a lot of research, and we both just feel good about Blue Buffalo because of its natural ingredients. It’s nutritious, healthy, and also delicious! Our cats really love it,” she said. “Our cat Snickers love the BLUE Tastefuls adult indoor chicken and brown rice and the salmon and brown rice. And our cat Oreo loves wet food, but she’s very picky.”

Angela Kinsey Dishes on Her Tricks to Getting Sleep as a Cat Parent& a Long-Awaited Reunion WithSteve Carell (3)

The Haters Back Off alum added, “I’m a cat mama, so it makes me feel good too, you know, know that they’re eating well, and they’re happy.”

According to a recent study conducted by Blue Buffalo, four out of five cat parents report their cats are awake and active at night, and 47 percent say their sleep is disrupted by their cat’s antics. If you’re a cat parent reading this, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

When asked if she had any tricks up her sleeve, The Office icon knew exactly what to say to help new and sleep-deprived cat parents! After revealing that she and her husband “have tried a lot,” she said there had been quite a few game-changing hacks and products in her household. The biggest trick was that she “started making one of their main feedings at night when we were ready for bed.” She added, “So, we have a schedule and it’s the same time. We got a cat feeder on a timer.”

Fun fact: she and her husband Joshua Snyder recorded their voices making come hither sounds. It’s a fun cat parent hack…but can get a little awkward. “If you do have anyone that house sits for you or if you have an in-law visiting, like my mother-in-law was in town and um, and we forgot to tell her about it.”

She also couldn’t help but rave about the trick they found for getting their cats hydrated and entertained at the same time. “I’m sure a lot of cat parents have these, but we found a really great way for them to drink water. It’s like a special kitty fountain! It has a little flower in the middle, and water comes out at, and then they kind of can just bat at the water but also drink,” Kinsey gushed.

The last trick she divulged was a cat tree that they put in their kitchen, which Kinsey admitted herself “sounds wackadoodle!” She said they use that to try “to figure out little ways to keep them active during the day.”

Angela Kinsey Dishes on Her Tricks to Getting Sleep as a Cat Parent& a Long-Awaited Reunion WithSteve Carell (4)

Along with being known for her love of cats, Kinsey has a ton of TV credits to her name, including The Office, Your Family or Mine, and A.P. Bio, to name a few. She’s also a beloved foodie, known as one of the panelists for Deliciousness, the former host for Be Our Chef, and an entertaining baking channel with her husband called Baking with Josh & Ange.

But she’s also a stellar podcaster, co-hosting the Shorty Award-nominated show called Office Ladies, where she and former Office co-star Jenna Fischer go in-depth and “deconstruct” each Office episode for fans.

Angela Kinsey Dishes on Her Tricks to Getting Sleep as a Cat Parent& a Long-Awaited Reunion WithSteve Carell (5)

Fans have been itching for Steve Carell to appear on the show and they’re finally getting that reunion in next week’s episode, which will be an in-depth conversation between the ladies and Carell. If you ever wondered what it was like on The Office set with the comedy great, Kinsey divulged that this “is the episode” to tune into.

“I can just tell you that I was smiling ear to ear. It truly was like three old friends getting together to hang out,” she said, gushing about how Carell is such a “wonderful person.” “[It’s like] you’re hanging out like a fly on the wall with three friends talking, and we were so happy to see each other and to reminisce. It was just a really wonderful conversation.”

Along with Carell coming on, Office Ladies is also about to start dissecting the eighth season of the show, something Kinsey “can’t even believe.” However, there is a beloved arc she can’t wait to dive into when they start the final seasons: “some really fun scenes with Oscar, with the Senator and everything.”

She then talked about her decades-long, unbelievably heartwarming friendship with him. “I have been friends with Oscar for so long. We met well before The Office. We did sketch comedy together, we met at the Groundlings, when I was in my twenties….So I’m really looking forward to those scenes that I have with Oscar when my character moves in with him, all of it. I can’t wait to revisit those episodes.”

(She even revealed that that iconic scene where she and Oscar leave a voicemail for the Senator ended up being improvised!)

“We did it as scripted, and then we also improvised a bit and we were just like laughing so hard,” she said. “And then you have to add the layer that we have known each other, you know, for 20 years and just like getting to play. You know, we’re like two grownups who love comedy!”

Comedy, cats, and cooking: Kinsey can really do it all!

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Angela Kinsey Dishes on Her Tricks to Getting Sleep as a Cat Parent & a Long-Awaited Reunion With Steve Carell (2024)
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