855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know About Toll-Free Numbers (2024)

What and where is the 855 area code number? If you are a business interested in establishing a toll-free number or looking for a professional customer call center service, we’re here to help.

What and where is the 855 area code?

So, perhaps you’ve received a call from an 855 area code lately. Do you know where area code 855 is located? If you’re stumped, don’t worry. It’s a trick question. While the 855 area code is within the U.S., it is not state-specific—it’s a toll-free number. This means that your call might have come from anywhere—from Alabama to Minnesota. This also means that if you want to call them back, you can do so from anywhere in the United States, as long as it’s done using a landline.

What is a toll-free number, and how does it work?

As we mentioned earlier, 855 is a toll-free number. These phone numbers have existed for a long time and are typically used by businesses and companies, not individual households. That’s because toll-free numbers have a true purpose—to help companies serve many more customers. Since a toll-free number (like 855) allows callers across America to contact a business without paying fees, they encourage more customers to reach out when they have a question or concern. This forges a better overall relationship between the client and the brand.

How are toll-free numbers (like phone code 855) assigned?

Toll-free numbers are assigned by professional organizations like the Federal Communications Commission, or the FCC, with the help of “responsible organizations,” who can access a database of available toll-free numbers. However, businesses can request specific phone numbers if they wish. This will depend on whether the number is already in use.

855 area code USA: Is it my only toll-free option?

No! There are quite a few different toll-free area codes available in the United States. These area codes are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

Please note that while these are all toll-free numbers, they can’t be used interchangeably. Let’s say you run a spa business with a “vanity” phone number: 1-855-RELAX ME. If your customer dials 1-866-RELAX ME, they won’t reach you. They’ll reach whoever has the number 1-866-735-2963. That’s why it’s important to emphasize your 855 area code: this isn’t the old days when most toll-free numbers were 800.

Are there benefits of using an 855 number?

There are many benefits to using toll-free numbers. We do not believe that specific toll-free numbers hold any more value over others, although 800 tends to be more recognizably “toll-free” than the others.

Some of the biggest benefits of using a toll-free number for your company include the following:

  • Better Customer Service

A toll-free number allows your customers to quickly and affordably contact your business when needed: no fuss, no hidden charges and no location restrictions. This provides a much better overall customer service experience and leads to more satisfied customers returning to your services and praising you.

  • Wider Range of Clients

Who says all of your customers need to be local? It’s 2023! Open your brand up to a broader range of leads and customers by offering a toll-free number. It will remove all the location-based restrictions and give customers across the United States an equal chance to fall in love with your product.

  • Memorable Contact Information

Many brands choose something called a “vanity number.” This refers to a catchy toll-free number that correlates to your brand. An example we gave earlier was 1-855-RELAX ME for a spa. A real-life example of this is the popular florist brand 1-800-FLOWERS.

  • Professionalism

Toll-free area codes are recognizably different from home or cellphone numbers. By listing a toll-free number as your contact information rather than a local one, your brand instantly looks more professional and businesslike.

Prefix and area code: What’s the difference?

An area code is the first part of a phone number. In terms of toll-free numbers, that’s the part that begins with an “8.” For home numbers, that is the portion that varies depending on location. For example, Boston’s area code is 617. The next part of the phone number sequence is called a prefix. This is less fixed by location and is three digits.

How to get an 855 number for your business

Ready to start taking calls through an 855 number? Whether you already have a specific number sequence in mind, your best bet is to contact a respectable organization. We also recommend developing a dedicated call center platform to go with your shiny new number. This will ensure that once your customers dial and reach your new number, they’ll receive the best level of support. The best way to do this is by working with a BPO call center service. Not only will we provide everything you need to keep your customers happy, but we can also assist you in choosing your toll-free number.

Picking the Best Answering Service for Your Needs

At TeleDirect, we offer your brand the chance to develop a customized customer service strategy that makes a difference. Get in touch today to learn more about our inbound and outbound call center solutions, which include live agent support, 24/7 coverage, and cross-industry expertise. We’re here to help your company rise to the top, and we can’t wait to learn all about your product. Get in touch today by calling our toll-free number: (800) 776-1081.

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855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know About Toll-Free Numbers (2024)
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